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What is the difference between Facebook Account and Facebook Page?

By January 25, 2023No Comments

If you ever wondered what is the difference between Facebook account/profile and Facebook Page you are not alone. Unless you have been in digital marketing and have used all Facebook tools you would not know the difference.

Unlike other social media platforms Facebook offers this unique feature and tool that in fact makes life easier. Yes, this is right, it actually makes life easier. Let me explain.

Imagine you want to use Instagram for yourself and also for your business. How will you go about it? Well, you will have to create two separate accounts with separate login IDs and passwords. These will have no connection with each other.

Facebook has removed this hurdle. Initially, like Instagram you make one personal account and then you go ahead and create another account for your business. We will call the second one an account for the sake of simplicity. To make this other account you do not need to use a separate login ID and password. It is created through the Pages tool inside your Facebook account.

Facebook Pages are just like personal accounts but do not need separate login ID and password. Facebook Pages are ideally used for businesses, brands and companies. To login to a Page you login to your own personal account and then access the Pages through it. You can have multiple pages with different branding, details and information all under one personal account. You can also assign other people to manage your Pages as administrators with different levels of permissions.

However, there are some important differences between personal accounts and Pages:

  • Facebook accounts have Friends, Facebook Pages have Followers/Likes
  • Facebook accounts have a limit on how many friends you can have, Facebook Pages do not have that limit.
  • To follow someone‚Äôs personal Facebook account, users need to send a friend request to them, but on Facebook Page they can simply press Follow or Like.
  • Facebook accounts require you to accept or reject friend requests, whereas, Facebook Pages automatically adds the Follower or Like requests.
  • Facebook accounts and Facebook Pages have slightly different layouts, and front end options.
  • Facebook accounts have privacy controls, whereas Facebook Pages are public.
  • If you use social media management tools to automate publishing you can only do so for Facebook Pages.

There are many other subtle differences that I will not be covering in this post but are available on Facebook’s support site.

I hope that the difference between Facebook Accounts and Facebook Pages are a little more clear to you.

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