We Post Consistently and At the Right Times

Scheduling your contents can be incredibly useful for your business. It can be difficult for many small businesses to find time to post their content at the right time, especially across multiple channels.

Getting the right time to post can be difficult and might be harder when dealing with an international audience. Social Magic Marketing makes things easier for our clients by scheduling contents and posting at the right time.

Content Schedule and Why It Is Important

Some of the benefits of content schedule:

You’re doing it all wrong

If you’re going to start creating content without a content calendar. Before you start creating content, sit down and develop a content calendar and plan out your content for all platforms for a month, or at least a couple of weeks at a time.

It’s the key to an organized content strategy

A content schedule is your ticket to an organized week of content across all of your social platforms.

It will save you a lot of time

A complete content schedule will also save you a lot of time in your working week and will help you use your time more effectively.

It will help you be more strategic

A content schedule helps you to be more strategic when it comes to delegation, communication, and outsourcing, and forces you to plan your content marketing with purpose, rather than throwing it together day in and day out.

Builds brand credibility

Today, customers want to purchase from brands they can trust. If you maintain your brand consistency (for example, posting regularly, offering VIP special discounts, pushing new and innovative campaigns), your customers are more likely to keep you on their watch list.

Fill in gaps

A social media schedule will help you decide what content types you may need to add variety to your feeds. Planning everything out gives you time to think about what’s coming up, making it easier to fill voids and balance out your approach.

Key Factors in Publishing and Scheduling to Keep in Mind

Your social media content is the embodiment of your brand, and each social network brings challenges for publishers. Whether it’s having the right Instagram content or publishing at the right time of the day, there are several factors that go into producing and publishing social media content.


Goal-setting and objectives

Once you've got a good idea of who your audience is, you’ll then need to identify key goals for your social media marketing efforts. What do you hope to achieve with your strategy?


Once you know who’s going to run your campaigns, and what tools they’ll use to create it all, it’s time to research:

  • Your campaign content (What resonates with your audience?)
  • Your posting strategy

Your social media campaigns will likely involve using a combination of your native content and sharing content of others.


Choosing your platforms

Did you know the average social media user maintains five accounts? If you want to target your audience effectively, you’ll want to reach them on several different.

Producing content

Your social media publishing will require a mix of content to be successful, so you'll need to develop a process to create this content and maximize its worth.

Tracking analytics

Analytics tracking is one of the most important things you can do to improve your social media marketing strategy over time. Tracking analytics gives you a detailed picture of what kind of content and promotion strategies work - along with the ones that don’t - enabling you to adjust and improve.
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