What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is any marketing that takes place on social media platforms. Unsurprisingly, this includes a huge range of activities that simply have social media in common. So, whether it’s promoting a blog post or running a recruitment drive if it involves something like Facebook or Twitter, it’s social media marketing.

You should take advantage of this and communicate with people on your social network via a media campaign as a brand representative, rather than as a faceless company.

Spend Less Time Managing Social Media and More Time Running Your Business

You’re dealing with people, even if you are in the B2B sector. If you make your social network interactions personal, you’ll get better results, while increasing your social media presence.

Marketing on social media is pretty much a given for businesses and organizations now. Whether it’s free or with paid ads, social media platforms give you access to huge audiences that you can build and grow yourself.

Of course, technically there’s no “free” option. Someone’s time has to be used to post on social platforms, but even a low time investment approach can work wonders if done properly.

Social media marketing won’t work for everyone, and no one should see it as an easy, low effort way to make money. The best strategies take planning and tie into a company’s overall strategy. Different approaches work for different businesses, but we’ll come to that.

The main thing is that there is potential in social media marketing for most companies, but it’s a rarely a simple matter of sending out a few tweets and waiting for the cash to roll in.

Benefits of social media marketing

There are a lot of different strategies, and the outcomes will depend on the ones you choose. But here’s a very basic rundown of the main benefits of social media marketing:

As you can see, while all of these things help your company to become profitable, they’re not all one-step journeys to sales. It’s about seeing social media as a platform where many aspects of your business can sit.

First up is building out a list of aims for your social approach. As we’ve said already, how you approach social media marketing will entirely depend on your business.

  • Offer quick customer service to customers wherever they are
  • Create extra avenues to sell and promote your products
  • Build loyalty and brand recognition with your customers
  • Promote your content to reach new people without big advertising costs
  • Show off your company culture to help aid recruitment

Formats are different, and audiences are different.

Try and understand the different social platforms, carry out your research about what works where.

A short sarcastic quip can do well on Twitter, but for LinkedIn, something more actionable and advice based is better.

Do some reading on each of the platform algorithms and just spend time on them to get a feel of how they work.

It's time to make a move.

Tailor your messages appropriately, and you’ll get far better engagement, traffic, and interest.