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Get up to 10x more traffic in less than 6 months, with our SEO process.

With the right SEO strategy and planning your business can get up to 10x more traffic and significantly more leads.

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Start with the RIGHT SEO for your business

What type of Search Engine Optimisation service do you need?

Business SEO


  • Your are not a local business
  • You have more locations
  • Want to capture a bigger market

Local SEO


  • You are a local business
  • You have a physical store
  • You want to target local suburbs

eCommerce SEO


  • You sell products online
  • You ship nation-wide
  • You don’t have a physical store

Order a detailed SEO Report?

We will perform an extensive audit of your website, business in general, competition, social media and SWAT analysis.

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How do we improve your ranking and how do we do it?

Website ranking is a complex process and often miss understood. Most businesses either stay clear of it or simple ignore its impact.

Because it’s a complex process, it can be costly and lengthy. However, we have simplified the process so that you can understand the work we do and the results they produce.

We focus on the key ranking factors to get the best results in the shortest time possible. If you have a limited budget we put all our effort on the most important factors first.

We have simplified the process into four groups

Onsite SEO | Offsite SEO | Technical SEO | Content Development

top seo ranking factors 2022
TOP SEO ranking factors in our SEO Check List
Onsite SEO
  • Responsive Design
  • Site Structure
  • Duplicate Content
  • Keyword Optimisation
  • Meta Data
  • Image Alt Tags
  • Internal Linking
  • H1, H2, H3 Corrections
  • Word Count
  • Blogs and Contents Depth
Offsite SEO
  • No. of Refering Domains
  • No. of Backlinks
  • Authority of Referring Domains
  • DoFollow or NoFollow Links
  • Backlink Anchor Text
  • Alt Tag from Linking Image
  • Guest Posts
  • Diversity of Link Types
  • Contextual Links
  • Link Location in Content
Technical SEO
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Sitemaps
  • Robots.txt missing or faulty
  • Crawl Errors
  • Indexing Issues
  • Same Page with Multiple URLs
  • Page Speed
  • SSL Certificate Missing
  • Bloated CSS, JS & HTML Files
  • Image file sizes
Content Optimisation
  • Create quality Content
  • Fix thin content and pages
  • Upload fresh content
  • Optimise existing content
  • Optimise Images with Alt Tags
  • Optimise Videos
  • Add relevant Keywords
  • Use headings properly
  • Clean layout and readability
  • Human readable content

Website SEO Audit

Regardless of what you need, the first step is a thorough audit of your website and existing SEO.

An SEO audit will uncover technical problem with your server, codes and software. You will also find out issues regarding your content, keywords, indexing, internal links, backlinks, missing tags, and much more.

Find Problems

A SEO audit will help you understand the general health of your website, how it is performing technically, existing security risks and errors.

Find Rankings

Find which keywords you are ranking for and which lucrative keywords you are missing out on including along with search volume and popular search terms.

Check Competition

SEO audit will help you see what you competition is doing, where they rank, what keywords are bring them traffic, how much they spend on Ads and much more.

Find Mentions

Positive Mentions and NAP (Name, Address, Phone) listings help build credibility and trust, it is important to track and update these listing when needed.

Do you have a SEO strategy?

There is a lot you can do online to optimise your website to increase traffic.

About Social Magic

Physical Address

Ground-rule is that it’s by far the easiest to optimise if you have a proper address in a region/city. If you want to optimise for an area or suburb that you are not located in physically, your main tool for optimisation is content.

You should simply write a lot about that area. We found that often, this leads to forced pages that have little to do with the business at hand. It’s clear that these pages are only added for SEO reasons.

But if you are running a local business, things like word-of-mouth and a print brochure also contribute to local SEO.

Local SEO consists of a number of factors that help you address your local audience by better rankings in search engines. It’s not just optimising your address or your social media strategy; it’s all these things combined that we call local SEO.

Social Media Presence

If you mention your website and social profiles on your offline communication or promotion, your Facebook or Instagram likes might go up, your Twitter followers could increase, and the direct traffic on your website will get higher.

One way this will be visible to Google as well, albeit indirect perhaps. But you can see a spike in traffic as potential customers who are interested in your business will look your business up and do some research.

Search Engine Optimisation requires a strategic and targeted approach with over a dozen of factors contributing majority of the results. However, there 100s of other small factors that need to be correct and in place to reduce chances of errors and issues with search engine bots.

Brick-and-mortar businesses wanting to win against competitors should make sure all the local signals across Google’s local search landscape are consistent and correct.

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