Case Study

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The Indian Hut is a Chelsea, Victoria based Indian restaurant that has been operating for over 5 years. They needed to redesign their website with additional functionalities.


The old Indian Hut website was slow, badly designed and incomplete. They also had issues with navigation and guiding users to the right pages for ordering online and takeaway menus.

Our solution:

We redesign their old website on a new server and an upgrade domain name to better reflect their brand. This is obviously is an issue with SEO and SERP, so we had to carefully redirect all the necessary pages, and links to the right URLs.

We also had to redesign the homepage and all graphics to align with the brand image they wanted to project.


The Indian Hut

What We Did:

Web Design, SEO, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing

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It’s a good idea to constantly update your website specially if you have been using the same front-end for years. Web technologies have changed a lot over the years and still changing. Your site may no longer be secure and many of your technologies may be outdate puting your site and data at risk.