Case Study

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Shock Proof Electrical is a Melbourne based electrical and data service company which needed to re-design their website for better SEO and unified branding.


Their old website was not designed with SEO in mind and was missing a lot of easily implementable strategies to improve search engine ranking. The UI was relatively dull and lacked consistency over pages. Shock Proof Electrical approached us for Web Design and SEO implementation.

Our solution:

Working along side Shock Proof Electrical’s SEO partner we re-designed their website to be more competitive and user friendly. On-site and on-page SEO strategy was laid out in the re-designed phase to include industry critical keywords. Every page was optimised for discovery and indexability, and each element of the pages were tagged with the right content and data to improve ranking.

The final website was completed within an short period of 7 days pending review with the client. The site is currently active and ranking is improving.


Shock Proof Electrical

What We Did:

Web re-design, Basic SEO, Graphic Design

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