Case Study

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Achieve Property Partners is buyers agent company located in Sydney. As a new business they needed a website that reflect their services and brand image.


Their business model was to help investors and serial buyers find the right properties that will provide great return both short and long term. So they approached us to design their website which would have search and listing capabilities, and yet easy to manage and update.

Our solution:

We analysed Achieve Property Partner’s business model and realised that they do not have an extensive list of properties but they would use third-party services to show a list of high return properties to their client.

So we laid out a plan to create a mini-real estate listing site that would have a short list of properties and business information.

The back-end and property management system are handled by special plugins and the front-end is designed with a customised theme that makes it easy for customers to browser for properties. There  are major design work going on to finish the site and will launch in the near future once business and legal structures are approved.


Achieve Property Partners

What We Did:

Web Design, Copywriting, Integration and Email

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