SEO Guarantees

Hiring an SEO firm can be stressful. With prices ranging anywhere from several hundred to tens of thousands of dollars per month, depending on your specific needs, it is difficult to hear an SEO firm tell you it will take a few months before you can expect to see results.

How do you know if they’re doing real work, or ripping you off? If you’ve hired an SEO firm before and had a bad experience, you have anxiety added upon anxiety as you go through the hiring process again. In these circumstances, it is perfectly understandable that you would be attracted to the idea of a guarantee.

No Professional SEO Agency Will Offer a Guarantee

This is because SEO companies cannot control how Google ranks websites. As Google makes changes to their algorithm, SEO companies do their best to understand what changes were made and modify your website to give Google what they want. SEO agencies use very intelligent guesses as to what strategies to use, but they still do not know for sure and cannot control Google. Any SEO company that guarantees high Google rankings based on their SEO services, without any upfront fee, is probably doing something they shouldn’t be.

The first thing that you simply must know is that it is an absolute IMPOSSIBILITY for anyone to guarantee this. No one can guarantee you a number 1 ranking in Google, or any other search engine for that matter. Not one so-called SEO ‘expert’ can control where a website ranks in the search engine results page (SERP). While it is true that great SEO agencies use certain strategies to boost website rankings, with the goal of reaching #1 every single time, to guarantee it is not just unethical, it’s unfair!

SEO isn’t something you can just point your finger at and hope it will happen. It is a calculated effort drawing from years of experience, experimenting, and keeping up with the latest information. It requires high levels of knowledge regarding what works best in Google, and what doesn’t.

Why Can There Be No Guarantees

Reputable SEO companies absolutely cannot, should not guarantee Google rankings of any kind. Be sure to choose the best SEO company based on your research and due diligence. Unfortunately, there is no magic "SEO Button" that SEO companies press to attain high rankings. However, what they can do is pay attention to the ranking algorithm and its updates and constantly be working on ways to improve a website ranking. This, in turn, will help build your website into something that has the best chance for success.

A strong SEO consulting firm can use organic SEO tactics and take your website from obscurity to page one ranking. In truth, no SEO expert can guarantee 1st-page ranking or overnight success, but the right process and right SEO consultant would provide tangible results and ROI.

A good SEO COMPANY will combine on-site optimization and off-site tactics to create effective strategies that would not lose value over time. With a comprehensive website audit, keyword research and content strategy that speaks to your customers.

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