Content for SEO

Content and SEO go hand-in-hand. Without one, your efforts on the other are seriously diminished. For example, your keyword research won’t do much good unless you then use those keywords in your content. And, creating content without knowing what your audience is looking for will leave you without any significant traffic.

Pages for Your Services or Products

Every bit of your website or blog needs content development at one point or another. However, I find that many people get stuck when it comes to developing content for their business’s service and product pages.

It’s easy to get creative when writing a blog or creating a guest blogging strategy, but product and service pages can scare people off. We end up seeing pages full of boring, traditional text because the content on those pages may have been deemed “unimportant.”

It’s true that that this is a place where you might need to be more creative, and you need to invent your ways and ideas to produce content. But the good news is that if you do, product pages have an even better chance of ranking highly and getting more traffic as landing pages.

It's time to make moves

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Short Content

You need long content to delve deep on a topic and build credibility. Other times, you’ll need short-form content to boost reach and spread awareness. Search engines reward both in different ways.

With short attention spans and multi-tasking the norm, inbound marketers have long accepted short-form content as the best way to provide information to people without taking up a lot of their time.

Content return on success is not just about churning out random thoughts in 2000-word posts. You have to consistently provide visitors quality, comprehensive content that’s relevant to their needs.

People are busy, and you’ve got to be concise to keep their interest. The strength of your message is more important than the length of your content. Also, once you’re clear on the audience and their intent, creating shorter but better content will become the norm.

We help you create content that is long enough to be helpful and interesting, meet your marketing goals, and provide a unique take on the topic.

We do your research and look for a topic within your niche and industry that people care about. Answer a question, provide a guide, look into statistics; it doesn’t matter what, so long as it’s valuable.

Blogs for General Purpose

One of the requirements for writing high-quality blogs is to make sure the content is optimized for search engines. You want your SEO content to be easily found. Findability has to do with increasing the likelihood Google will pick up your content for the result pages. It’s important that you take this final step after you’ve written an original and readable post.

Social Magic helps you tweak your text just a little bit more. When we create your blogs, we focus on the original idea and optimize the readability of your post.