Creative and professional websites for businesses

Your website is your biggest asset, it is your showroom and your shop, you wouldn't want it to look shabby.

Static Websites

We design static websites that are appealing to viewers with a minimum of 3-5 pages and up to 1000 words of content.

CMS Websites

CMS based websites are the most common designs today. We use several mainstream CMS to design update-able websites.

eCommerce Websites

More and more retailers are selling online. We can help you have a professional, secure and reliable eCommerce site.

What’s so great about our service?

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Faster Loading than Average Websites

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Professional and Corporate Designs

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What’s so great about our websites?

Everything that is included in our web design services and more...

Mobile Friendly & Responsive

Every website we design is mobile friendly and responsive. We ensure that your website loads perfectly on different devices. We test each website for speed, layout and content presentation to avoid being ranked lower on search engines.

SEO Ready

Your website will be optimised for search engines right off the bat. We will incorporate top performing keywords for your industry and layout the content structure to meet the latest search engine algorithm. We also include many other SEO tactics and features to improve your search engine ranking.

Search Engine Submissions

Search engines won’t find your new website unless it is submitted to them. After your website is deployed we submit it to different search engines along with a sitemap, different urls versions and a broadcast link. This will accelerate your ranking and user will be easily able to find your website.

Up to 1500 Words of Content

As part of our design services we offer up to 1500 words of creative content that will speak your brand and will connect with your potential clients. We will write the copy for your website after a creative consultation with you and getting a thorough understanding of your business.

Unlimited Email Addresses

We will create as many professional email addresses you like under your domain name and setup up to 2 mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook on a PC and a Laptop. Emails with your own domain are trusted more than main stream email addresses on Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo.

Contact and Inquiry Pages

The easiest way to capture leads and receive inquiries is through a standard contact form which is included in every website we design. However, we make sure that each inquiry is saved in a database or integrated with your CRM or management software for use by your sales team.

Landing Pages

A landing page will help you funnel potential clients from channels such as, social media, search engines, email campaigns, banner ads and more. By incorporating a landing page we will help you build a database of emails to send campaigns and promotional emails to.

Google Maps

As part of our search engine submission we will list your business on Google Maps so that users searching for similar businesses can find your on the map. Google Maps is one of most used local business search tool, it not only helps users find your business but also make you credible.

Powerful CMS

We use WordPress and PrestaShop to design and manage websites, and even you as a novice user can update your own website will little help. That is the beauty of CMS and with universal support and integrations through plug-ins they can become a broader part of your sales and marketing tools.

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